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Image by Olia Gozha

Our Mission

The Faraday Publishing Company, Inc., founded in May 2020, is a nonprofit organization that is made up of a diverse body of socially conscious and engaged writers, scholars, educators, and artists that aspires to provide a platform for sharing and empowering underrepresented and marginalized voices in our local and global communities. Our mission is to educate, mobilize resources and act as a catalyst for civil and social change and a deeper understanding of the enduring challenges facing our humanity and our world through literary services.


We aim to provide opportunities for personal awareness, social consciousness and civic engagement through a variety of means, including educational materials, writing workshops, magazine, book, web-based publishing, podcasts, and sponsorship of fellowships, public meetings, seminars, and conferences. Our funding will be utilized toward the completion of community educational and writing workshops, especially in communities that grapple with systemic oppression and socio-political violence. These workshops will foster necessary dialogue and avenues for personal awareness and empowerment.


Our charge is to also keep the conversation alive so as to not lose focus on the need to address racial and social injustice on many levels. As such, our funding will also be utilized for the creation of course adoption materials to be utilized in schools and fund a school visitation program that will include readings, workshops, and brown bag discussions, especially in underserved communities.


In addition, since publishing has always been an effective way to address and tackle racial and social injustice; it is our intention to continue along that path. As such, we are committed to fostering critical public discourse of enduring value through accessible scholarly and literary works. We aim to discover, nourish and amplify historically marginalized voices, including writers from the Caribbean and its diasporas and people of color from local and global communities. We will publish poetry, literary nonfiction, fiction, and scholarship that will further elevate the cries for justice and deepen the conversation about personal wellness, mental health services and the ongoing call for socio-political equity and accountability. We also seek to publish work that has been long out of print but still serve as the historical treasures of our time.

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